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Mountain Gate - Root


Root (SOLD)

Mountain Gate III

The face of Root was woven in a wild palette of colors, from dark madder red to mild indigo to an aqua over-dye of indigo and wild goldenrod. The brilliant yellows of the headdress are primarily due to weld dye, with goldenrod over-dyeing in some instances.

The blue edging is a mild indigo dye of natural white wool, crocheted overly tightly in a fan pattern to create a nubbled texture. The metallic thread on the rim is crocheted in a shell stitch for texture.

The circle is supported by a cedar root, gently harvested by the artist's fingers from the soil beneath a large cedar tree.

The stand, not included with the sculpture, is an antique balsa hat form used by the artist for shaping and finishing headdresses.