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Shakti - Inner Light


Shakti - Inner Light

Mountain Gate Series V

Handwoven face of linen and handspun, plant-dyed wool from Maine island sheep. Soumak and Bolivian round-weave detail. Felted merino wool headdress with needle-felted design, wet-felted figure, and trimmed with lock-edged fleece.

20 x 27 x 12 in


Below is a detail view, showing the face, parts of the decoration, and the meditation figure at the peak of the headdress, wrapped snugly, and sheltered by the overhanging leaf-like tip. The sinuous black linear designs are needle-felted. The swirling golden fleece locks on the sides are the actual ends of the wool as it was on the sheep. This part of the fleece was used intact, dyed in madder root dye at the artist's studio, and wet-felted onto the headdress.