Handwoven Fiber Zati Mask Sculptures

New video released online

Susan Barrett Merrill, the originator of the Zati mask, has released video features from the DVD for online streaming.

The video features the work of Frank Ferrel, an Emmy-winning producer for Maine Public Television, and a former producer for Monitor Television, In addition, a video gallery of dozens of Susan's masks was created by Lincoln Clapp. Both features are included in this video. Please enjoy it, and share it widely!

Traveling Exhibit: A Personal Mythology



Why I use wool for my fiber sculptures, and why you can appreciate wool in art for the home.

Zati is an Urdu word that means "from the inside" or "from an inner place."

These masks came to Susan in a dream, after which Susan wove according to the dream. The result is over 150 Zati handwoven masks.

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